Heltschl Medizintechnik

The company Heltschl Medizintechnik develops, produces and markets therapeutic soft laser devices in Austria since more than 25 years - for use in Europe and throughout the world.

 The range of products includes portable, battery operated laser systems, as well as mains operated surface laser devices in the visible wavelength range (red light laser). The devices are used for pain therapy, for the treatment of wound healing disorders and sports injuries, as well as for acupuncture. 

The latest therapy laser generation HILARIS® TL and HILARIS® FL can be extended through combination with a Haemo-Laser® set / adapter for blood irradiation.

 Through continuous research in cooperation with universities and scientists, as well as the application of a quality management system, we guarantee our high product standard. 

HILARIS® HAEMO BLUE - blue laser blood irradiation

The system HILARIS® HAEMO for intravascular laser blood irradiation is now also available with blue laser light!

ANIMATION about Haemo-Laser Therapy

Haemo-Laser therapy - what's that exactely?

Our new animation simply and understandingly explains the action principle of the intravenous laser blood irradiation!

Laser system HILARIS® FL

New technology with 500 or 1000 mW and LCD touch screen with preinstalled treatment progams.

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