Fields of application / Indications LLLT

The LLLT can be used successfully in almost all areas of medicine! - Below is an excerpt:

Needle replacement for painless and aseptic body and ear acupuncture

antimicrobial photodynamic therapy for germ reduction

Pain and wound treatment after extractions, pressure points from prostheses, canker sores, photodynamic therapy for periodontal treatment, gingivitis, herpes labialis

Ulcus cruris (leg ulcers), diabetic ulcers, decubitus (bed sores), herpes labialis (fever blisters), ….

Gynecology and Urology:
Sore nipples, cesarean scars, episiotomy, inflammation of the mucous membranes, ....

all indicated indications of the other departments

Nerve pain, treatment of chronic and acute pain, neuralgia, residual limb and phantom pain, body and ear acupuncture, ...

Oncology and Radiation Therapy:
Inflammation and lesions of the oral mucosa (mucositis) after chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, inflammatory skin reactions after radiation treatment (radiodermatitis), wound healing disorders at the central access or after radiation treatment, ....

Stump and phantom pain, arthrosis (joint wear), prosthetic pressure ulcers, inflammation of the musculoskeletal system, ....

Sports medicine:
Bruises, bruises, strains, sprains, muscle injuries, tennis and golf elbows

Wound treatment:
Ulcus cruris, decubitus, postoperative wound treatment, fresh and poorly healing wounds, keloids, hematomas

Veterinary medicine:
Otitis, poorly healing and chronic wounds, joint pain, bite wounds and injuries