• easiest handling without replaceable adapters – as no replaceable adapters are needed the maximum possible output power is available for all common treatments.
  • no protection goggles required – Laser class 2
  • full functionality of the HILARIS® TL series

Integrated timer
Six selectable treatment times offer comfortable and safe working with the HILARIS® TL eco. A brief push of the button activates the laser beam according to the selected time, continuous pushbutton activation is no longer necessary.

Surface area irradiation without losses
For the treatment of large surface areas the HILARIS® TL eco emits the visible laser irradiation completely without losses.

Ergonomic design
With the HILARIS® TL the long-term tried and tested and simple handling was combined with the latest understanding from ergonomics. Thereby working with the HILARIS® TL eco becomes a relaxed and safe treatment. 

Lowest operating costs
Through the use of standard batteries or rechargeable batteries in the HILARIS® TL eco one has a double savings: Long treatment times with simultaneous cheaper battery prices keep the operating costs low, the application of rechargeable batteries even increases the treatment time and in addition conserves the environment.

Quality controlled production
All devices are manufactured with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and are tested according to the applicable standards. A comprehensive quality management system ensures a continuous control which is regularly verified. Furthermore, for each device an individual test protocol is prepared that contains all performance data.

Technical data:*

Type HILARIS® TL eco 50 HILARIS® TL eco 100 HILARIS® TL eco 150
Output power 50 mW 100 mW 150 mW
Wavelength 660 nm 660 nm 660 nm
Operation time up to 5 Std. up to 6 Std. up to 5 Std.
Batteries 2 x AA 3 x AA 3 x AA

Classification: Laser class 2 according to EN 60825-1
The time of operation relates to one set of rechargeable batteries
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