Low-Level-Laser therapy

Effect of low level laser therapy

Laser light – what is it?
Laser light is light with special qualities. This light is full of energy and can be visible or invisible. The high energy content and the special qualities allow very good therapeutic effects in certain diseases.

How does low power laser therapy effect?    
Low power therapy is regulatory therapy. The irradiation delivers electromagnetic energy and is transformed into biochemical energy in the tissue. Hence the cellular metabolism of the disturbed cells is affected.
In cells several biochemical processes are activated. The mitochondria play a major role in the cellular effects of low power laser therapy. This leads to improved autoimmunity and therefore faster healing.

Clinical effects:

  • Pain relief
  • Progression of blood circulation
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Faster wound healing
  • Infection reduction
  • Size reduction
LLLT applications /indications

Haemo-Laser® Effects

Haemo laser therapy uses the energy of red laser light for direct irradiation of blood. The light is transmitted directly into the vena of the forearm by a special light conductor and thus acts directly on each blood component.

The following effects can be achieved by hemo-laser therapy:

  • Increased erythrocyte deformability
  • Decreased platelet aggregation and red blood cells
  • Increased deformability of the extracellular “cloud” (blood plasma cell interface)
  • Decreased blood viscosity

Haemo-laser therapy improves metabolism, increases blood circulation and thus oxygen supply. This can be clearly verified by laboratory analyzes.

Hameo-Laser® applications / indications