Multifunctional control unit:
All device functions are controlled by a 5“ touch-screen. Preferred base settings can be preinstalled for a quick and easy handling.

Shortest therapy times:
With an output power of up to 1000 mW also big surfaces can be treated within shortest times

Low protection measures:
Through the classification in the laser class 2 the laser registration and the appointing of a laser safety officer are no longer necessary. It is recommended to wear laser protection glasses.

Integrated dosage recommendations:
Study based and practically tested dosage recommendations can be accessed in the device for more than 30 indications.

Upgradable for intravasal laser blood irradiation (Haemo-Laser® - Therapy)

Ergonomic design for comfortable and safe working.

Technical Data*

Output power 500 mW 1000 mW
Wavelength 660 nm 660 nm

Laser classification: 2 according to EN 60825-1:2014
*subject to modifications and amendments

Dimensions and weights:
Control unit HILARIS® CONTROL: 196 x 310 x 123 mm, approx. 4 kg
Surface irradiation adapter HILARIS® FL: 164 x 110 x 50 mm, approx. 1 kg
Blood irradiation adapter HILARIS® HAEMO: 60 x 60 x 30 mm, 0.2 kg
Device trolley HILARIS® CART: 600 x 1000 x 600 mm, 11 kg

The control unit HILARIS® CONTROL offers a great flexibility - there are various possibilities of configuration:

  • HILARIS® HAEMO BLUE patient adapter for blue laser blood irradiation with 405 nm
  • HILARIS® HAEMO RED patient adapter for red laser blood irradiation with 660 nm
  • Surface irradiation adapter HILARIS® FL 500 RED for local laser application with 660 nm
  • Surface irradiation adapter HILARIS® FL 1000 RED for local laser irradiation with 660 nm
  • Surface irradiation adapter HILARIS® FL 250 BLUE for local laser irradition with 405 nm

With the HILARIS® CONTROL unit you can do both therapies at once - local laser therapy AND laser blood irraditaion!

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