The HILARIS® HAEMO BLUE patient adapter is connected to the control unit HILARIS® CONTROL. The intravascular laser blood irradiation with blue laser light is conducted with a wavelength of 405 nm.

The Haemo-Laser® single-use optical waveguide is coupled over the Haemo-Laser® patient adapter on the patient’s forearm.

The Haemo-Laser® single-use optical waveguides are sterile disposable products for the simple and safe use of Haemo-Laser® therapy. The cannula is already attached to ensure maximum possible safety and simple handling.

The fiber of the Haemo-Laser® single-use optical waveguide can also be inserted into a suitable permanent venous catheter.

Effects and scope of use of the HILARIS® HAEMO BLUE:

  • increase of the NO-production (nitric oxide), which improves the microcirculation
  • this leads to a better wound healing, especially with chronic and diabetic wounds
  • increase of the immunological activity
  • reduction of cholesterol, blood sugar, triglyceride
  • antibacterial effect, thus anti-inflammatory effect


The control unit HILARIS® CONTROL offers a great flexibility - there are various possibilities of configuration:

  • HILARIS® HAEMO BLUE patient adapter for blue laser blood irradiation with 405 nm
  • HILARIS® HAEMO RED patient adapter for red laser blood irradiation with 660 nm
  • Surface irradiation adapter HILARIS® FL 500 RED for local laser application with 660 nm
  • Surface irradiation adapter HILARIS® FL 1000 RED for local laser irradiation with 660 nm
  • Surface irradiation adapter HILARIS® FL 250 BLUE for local laser irradition with 405 nm

With the HILARIS® CONTROL unit you can do both therapies at once - local laser therapy AND laser blood irraditaion!

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